Blogvember #23: because it’s Wednesday.

Do I really need to explain this choice for because it's Wednesday?  Just stare into those eyes if you need extra convincing. While you do that, I'll continue to quietly fulfill my duties as the president of the Chris Hemsworth fan club. 

Blogvember #16: because it’s Wednesday.

Since L.A. Law, when I watched law shows and believed I had a future as an attorney based on what I saw in televised courtrooms.  Anyway, that's how long I've given my endless devotion to Sir Chocolate himself, a.k.a. Blair Underwood. Oh and he's 52. And doesn't look a day over 35. Yep: totally Benjamin Buttoning …


The Chocolate Meeting.

What would happen, perchance to dream: Scene: after a premiere that I've somehow been invited to, during a meet-and-greet.  Lupita: Hello, [Government Name]. It's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for your support. Me: Your elegance, talent, and grace are inspiriring, Ms. Nyong'o. Lupita: Oh, please call me Lupita. And thank you …

because it’s Wednesday.

This one. I'm in love with Sherlock Holmes because of him. If you haven't watched his incredible rendering of Sherlock...your reasons better be good. Like living in a cave and/or not owning a television good. Here sits Benedict Cumberbatch: all those letters in his name, those eyes, that voice (go to YouTube and listen!)... I …

She Twirls.

   15 seconds of Queen Lupita twirling during her InStyle magazine shoot, as posted by her highness on her Instagram page. Take in all that African Girl Wonder. Breathe it in. And then find an empty office somewhere and do your own Friday twirl. Slow motion would even be better. Bon weekend, dear readers.