Just No.

Image credit: Instagram Whew. The accuracy. I saw this post on the ‘Gram and felt like discussing. So, although “no” is a complete sentence (just like yes), most people don’t hear it that way. Agree? Most of the time, a “no” is followed by a “why not?” from the hearer or them giving you a …


A Word.

Credit: Instagram, @thenubiancrown In line with my previous thoughts on the matter. Eloquently said. Bon Wednesday.

Knowing the Differences.

Just saw this on Pinterest and wanted to share. There are marked differences between positivity, validation, and support versus the opposite of those things. But sometimes it's hard to tell. Well-meaning or not, we've all uttered versions of the comments in the left column. Sharing for myself and all of us.

Shall We?

Yes, let's. Recently, I watched a heartwrenching video of a woman on social media who tearfully spoke of her frustrations while looking for love. Wanting to find the right one and that not happening. Being eternally and repeatedly ghosted. I highly identified with her. In a follow-up video, she spoke of some of the comments …