hair things.

I decided to change up the ‘do again. No surprise there. As I mentioned to a friend who remarked about the merry-go-round of styles we as Black women are happy to explore, hair is one of the few things in this crazy life that I can control. (Although I’ve long believed that my hair, known as She, controls me.) As you know, I visited the lighter side of the hair color spectrum in January. And I’m very happy there. Which is why, two weeks ago, I decided to go bolder, brighter, and much, much blonder.

Popular questions/statements I’ve received since:

Are you having fun yet? 
Do you like it?
Whoa, you’re brave.
Something new for the summer, huh?
Wow, you’re always changing your hair!

My responses:

Um, yes?
I love it.
Not just for the summer, no.
Indeed I am.

Here’s to the merry-go-round.

And before I go: leaving you with my favorite song this month. You know how I feel about Emeli Sande (or maybe you didn’t, but the link is yours to see). Here’s her recent single, which I have on repeat. I love it not only for the melody, and her soaring voice, but for the simple message: we’re all extraordinary. Something to keep in mind–for me, for you, for all of us.


4 Replies to “hair things.”

  1. Whoa girl! You look all shades of amazing! 😀

    I have clearly missed out on a lot here. I need to catch up and see all you’ve been up to.

    I love how liberal we black women are with our hair. Chopped off my hair 18 months ago, got a cute fade cut and dyed it an orangey reddish hue. It was fun o!

    PS: Did you see the DMX challenge on social media?
    PS again: Your eyebrows are on fleek!

    1. Thank you! I love how creative we can be with our hair, too. Your new ‘do sounds gorgeous!! Yep, I saw some of the DMX challenge offerings. At first I had no idea what was going on 😂, then I figured it out. Haha. Thanks, re the brows!

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