rant? what rant?

You guys. When ladies change their hair, here’s the thing: their faces stay the same.

I can’t count how many times it’s happened to me. It even happened today. Meeting people that I’ve met before and noting their obvious confusion based on a lazy lack of recognition. But we know each other, sir/madam. We laughed. We hung out. We work together. Do these braids/crochets/twists really make it hard for you to determine my identity? 


So here’s a PSA: some of us, especially my fellow melanin ladies, will change our hair a lot. Because variety is the spice of life and of hair, and we have that ability. Make it a goal, right now, to preserve our faces in your mind’s eye. Because I won’t re-introduce myself. 

Got it? Good.

*carefully steps off soap box because she’s afraid of heights*

(Side eye ☝🏾brought to you by rant above)


9 Replies to “rant? what rant?”

  1. So…today two contracters whom I haven’t seen in a few months had the same response. “You let your hair grow out!”(I have braids) to which I said to both, it’s not my real hair. One gave me a blank stare (60 year old white male from South Carolina) the other (40 something yuppie from Fairfax now living in Florida)!asked “sew in?” I’m still surprised that he knew what it was… at first I was like yup bc I wasn’t expecting that answer, but then I said ‘they’re braids’. Sew in?? He don’t know, but he tried. At least they recognized me. But they had no choice because there’s only one me and 50of ‘them’ at my job… my own rant lol

  2. Ha! When this occurs, I begin to really question how much interest a person has taken in me honestly! If a side part with a bun makes you forget the fact that we rode in the same car to work the day before then you must not have been really paying attention. Going from braids to twist to updo to side swept doesn’t change my name not who I am folks!! Lol

    1. Hahaha. I do believe that no, they’re not paying attention. Because the face stays the same. For real. I once met someone who met three times in one day and never knew who I was. Rather than being angry, he inspired my forthcoming memoirs. 😊

  3. Lol XD XD XD

    Yes, our faces stay the same.

    But you’ve got to admit that we’ve got multiple personas as our hairstyle changes though. With big hair, we feel powerful and fierce. With braids, we feel like Nubian Queens etc, etc.

    Ah, I’m getting jumbo Ghana braids done tomorrow after being a weave, let’s see which persona comes out to play, aye!

    1. We DO have multiple personas with different styles. I just wish people would remember that I still wear the same face though. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Those jumbo braids will look πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯for sure!! Enjoy! 😊

  4. After morning devotion today I told mumsi she looked different with her new curls. She told me she’s had the curls for a week and I just stared at her blankly but that’s not the point. See, I usually think our faces reconstruct when we change hairdos 😭😭😭

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