No, not the number of tears I’ve cried. I’m actually doing much better here in the Lone Star State! We’ll get to the specifics in tomorrow’s post, but for now, I’d like to acknowledge that number. 306 is the number of people currently following the adventures and antics of This Square Peg! It was official yesterday. That means that 306 of you stumbled on you my little nook in the Interwebs and decided that my posts about…

  • Italian villas with Idris
  • Lupita love
  • my beloved fro
  • fictioning and poetry
  • random memories
  • Pinterest rabbit holes
  • my travelista tales
  • life as a brown, African woman who found herself, accepted her uniqueness, and decorated her lips in red
  • and everything in between

…were worth clicking on the Follow button.

And I thank you.

A thousand bowls of Jollof rice at your collective feet thank you.

Abundant e-kisses thank you.

When I returned to the blogging world with This Square Peg, it was my intent to speak on the wonders of embracing all the different nuances that make me who I am. Numbers, followers, readers–these would all be great, but I just wanted to tell my story via this blog. But what would be a blog without numbers, followers, readers? Still a blog, but certainly icing on this particular cake.  Thank you, dear readers, faithful commenters (you know who you are), and family members/friends who give This Square Peg so much love.


2 Replies to “306.”

  1. Hi Lady,

    How’ve you been?

    I love how your blog posts cover topics that are both witty and interesting. I sincerely appreciate your sense of humour, it’s right up my alley. 😀

    Ah, ‘Jollof Rice’ reminded me of the raging Nigeria vs. Ghana battles over whose Jollof rice reigns supreme. Who’d have thought that rice cooked specially in blended tomatoes would cause this much trouble?! Jollof should unite not divide!

    Have a happy week.

    1. Hey there! I’m well. Ah, thank you! The feeling is quite mutual: I’m one of your biggest blogger fans, as you know. 😁

      Lol, yes, I’ve actually been involved in said Jollof debate. My sweet friend pointed out that only Ghanaians bring it up. I told him to hush up. 😂😂 I agree: let’s just eat it and enjoy!

      Enjoy your week, as well, and thanks as always for reading!

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