Yes, I moved.

Yes, I hitched up my lady pantaloons and made the decision to start over with new people, new new places, and new things.

Yes, I wept when leaving my mother, my brothers, and my sister.

Yes, I continued to weep on and off days after arriving in the Dallas area (specifically Carrollton) and still nurse a weepy homesickness that consumes here and there, especially when I’m driving. (Why do we weep when we drive? Or is it just me?)

Yes, I realized that this was a pretty significant step to take in my life and I have to say: I truly underestimated the emotional upheaval that was poised to come.

Yes, it’s lovely here.

Yes, I’ve reconnected with/met a few friends who’ve helped to assuage my aching for home and the familiar.

Yes, I’ve gotten lost on these long, winding roads and have become besties with my GPS.

Yes, I’ve slowly created a routine that I’m getting used to. quotelion

Yes, some roads have already become so familiar that I turn off the GPS when driving, and I realize that my mobile phone’s data plan thanks me for this.

Yes, it’s really hot here. For real. Like really.

Yes, I want to go home. But right now, I won’t.

Yes, the quote to the right explains how I largely feel about staying here.

Yes, I’ve wanted to blog since I got here, but I needed time to wipe these tears. And a wet laptop keyboard wouldn’t have helped anyone.

Yes, I FaceTime my people whenever I can. And I worry about them. And I think of them constantly. And I’m back in kindergarten.

And yes, despite that ache mentioned above, and the homesickness, I’m happy, excited, and curious about the future.

It’s nice to be with you again, dear reader. If you’ve ever made a move, please tell me about how you dealt with it in the comments, won’t you?


3 Replies to “here.”

  1. Awww, you’ll be fine. The best part is that absence makes the heart fonder, they’ll cherish you even more now that you are miles away. 😀

    The last time I made a big move, my mother called me just after I’d boarded the plane and she was so emotional, it just broke my heart.

    Homesickness is a horrid thing, and it hit me the first few days. Then, I found ways to occupy myself, exploring the new city and finding activities to fill the family-sized void (yoga, guitar lessons, photography lessons, lots of traveling).

    From the new experience, I discovered myself, sounds cliched but it’s true. Lol

    I absolutely love the freshness that comes with change!

    1. I love this. I really believe that occupying oneself is a great way to get over that weird homesick hole in the heart. (Or the family-sized void, as you so eloquently and perfectly put it.) I’m learning that for sure. Thank you for mentioning that and for sharing your experience. And I appreciate the encouragement. 😍 Slowly but surely, I’m getting there…

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