Products from Heaven: Fits Like a Dove.

Here’s the real, no-holds barred truth about Your Square Peg: she sweats like a chocolate pig. There’s no other way to say it.

Ever since I woke up one morning a million years ago and discovered the monster known as–shudder–puberty, the sweat glands opened up, got to work, and decided to work overtime every single day. So when it comes to controlling that interesting region under the arms, I’ve been using Secret antiperspirant ever since I can remember, especially after my mother discreetly told me that borrowing my father’s deodorant (true story) was no longer acceptable. (I was 12. And it smelled nice. Strange children grow up to be sassy square pegs, so join me in embracing the strange, won’t you?)

Sidenote: I’ve long heard the conversations around me about not wearing deodorant because of all the chemicals. I appreciate it, and until I do research and find something organic and chemical free to control the sweat monster, sticking with the standard.

You know how Secret (and other antiperspirants) advertise the whole “invisible solid” thing on their products? Which should calm your fears about wearing dark clothes and not having white stains staring back at you in the mirror? Here’s a secret: This. Isn’t. True. This has never been true. You know it as much as I do. Nevertheless, I stuck with Secret through the years, wearing dark blouses very carefully and slowly, lest I disturb the Force, and kept it moving. But one gets tired of holding her breath as she pulls on her clothes. Enter Dove Dry Spray, which I happened to notice on dovedryspraythe shelf one afternoon last week. The following words on the bottle caught my eye: wetness protection. After engaging in the usual Square Peg side eye that I give any product, I decided to give it a try. It goes on dry, it boasted 48-hour odor protection, as well–why not, right?

Well, I don’t call it a Product from Heaven just because. It’s awesome. For one thing, I wasn’t lied to: this thing goes on instantly dry, it gives this chocolate square pig peg actual wetness protection, and I’ve yet to see any of those pesky white stains on my clothes. I love it so. And that scent…so heavenly.

So there you go: yet another Product from Heaven that I’ve stumbled on while meandering in the aisles of a store. Maybe I should just move in?

Ladies: care to share what you do when it comes to antiperspirant?


4 Replies to “Products from Heaven: Fits Like a Dove.”

  1. Lol @ “chocolate pig”, I imagined mini pig-shaped Lindt chocolate.

    The skin in my armpits is sensitive, so products housed in aerosol cans are no-no for me. I’ve used the Nivea non-alcoholic roll-on for years, the white creaminess gives me a sense of being pampered.

    I blame my paranoia, but there’s something quite disturbing about a product that’s forceful enough to bully sweat from trickling out of one’s pores, surely the sweat would eventually find a way of getting out.

    Take for example, one might be triggered to unexpectedly burst into tears just to get the excess liquid out. 😀

    1. I might try your Nivea. I’ve always liked their products.

      Ha! Then the sweat might be coming out of these eyes, because I’m constantly weeping. LOL. But I feel you. Our bodies are generally wrangled into not doing what they’re biologically supposed to do. Especially us women-folk. And yet, I’d like to pronounce that my body remains rebellious: it basically does whatever it wants, products or not. Kind of like my hair. 🙂

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