This speaks to me.

When I was younger, especially in my teens and a large part of my twenties, I was desperate for someone in my life who could pull me through. Through those moments when loving myself was non-factor. When I would look in the mirror and loathe the girl looking back at me. When I refused to believe that I would ever be happy. When I was just so, so lost.

That me then, needed me now. And she has her.

Given the chance, I plan on being the present and future me (wholly loving of herself and finally happy) for anyone else who needs it.


2 Replies to “younger.”

  1. I loved reading this short but sweet post. It really spoke to me. It’s funny how we alone hold the key that unlocks our own happiness.

    I stumbled upon a “Letter to my future self” letter that I wrote 6 years ago. I read it and smiled with mixed emotions. The insecurities that plague one in young age sometimes form the solid foundation for the knowing confidence of old age…

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