the thing about trends…(Blogtober #2)

Surprising to no one, This Square Peg rarely goes the trendy route. (You learned last week that I only just started wearing peplum, so I feel like you understand.) Anyway, most of the time, I’m far too sleepy and/or uninterested to check out the latest trends. Despite having been intrigued by fashion as long as I can remember, my intrigue is more the lady in the backseat studying what passes her by rather than being actively behind the wheel and making decisions based on what’s on the runway or in the magazines. If anything, my style choices are entirely based on how I’m feeling about something. Anyway, that said, I was nevertheless curious about what the style “gurus” are calling in the way of fall fashion this year. So I went on a Google tour and found out. Here are some of the more interesting, eyebrow-raising things I saw:


Pastels. (Photo courtesy of Glamour magazine)


Animal accents. Yeah, you read that right. (Photo credit, also Glamour magazine)


Robe coats. (Photo courtesy of Elle magazine)

I raised my eyebrows because normally, pastels don’t come to mind when I think of autumn style. Add to that owls on your sweater or coats that look like your bathrobe. I do understand that the fashion industry is all about pushing the envelope, but I daresay that the average woman on the street won’t be decked out in shearling, which is another big trend I saw. To each their own, though. And to be fair, I also saw trends that I think capture the season well: orange and gray were big colors, and capes were, as well. In the end, however, trends or not, I basically stick to a certain autumn uniform/pieces, if you will: skirts and boots and scarves and tights and jeans. Oh my. And, really, fashion is all about what makes you feel great, isn’t it? So wear that owl-bedecked sweater with pride.

What do you wear in the fall?


3 Replies to “the thing about trends…(Blogtober #2)”

  1. I love fall fashion, but I don’t love designer fall fashion. I love jackets and boots, and sweaters that can be worn over my favorite pair of jeans or leggings. I love cable-knit tights and knit ponchos, and I can’t get enough of comfy beanies! (The only drawback to my current job is that I can’t wear hats to work. But trust and believe when I say that I’ll find enough other places to wear them to make me happy.)

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