Crop Topping It? (Blogtober #23)

We’ve discussed my relationship with trends. But lately, for fall fashion, I’m intrigued by the crop top paired with midi skirts/high-waisted pants look. So intrigued that I want to try it. Let’s talk about that for a second.

I’ve never voluntarily worn anything that is cropped. Never. For one thing, the belly don’t like to be exposed. And I’m so ok with that. (Yeah, I personify it as if it’s separate from me and makes its own choices. Don’t you do the same thing?) And another thing, when I think of crop tops, I think of this:

madonna2 madonna1











Right? Madonna. I see Madonna. And as much as I love Madge-circa-1984, it’s not necessarily the look I think any of us are going for, outside of 80s parties. But I’m seeing very appealing renderings of the look, hardly like something from a bygone era, and I actually feel inclined to try it. So how can we merge the belly’s refusal to have her epidermis showing and decidedly not looking like Madonna when experimenting with this look? Ta da: see the following examples.

crop1 crop4 crop3 crop2




















(Photo credits: Pinterest and Girl With Curves)

Don’t you love it every single one?! Classy, stylish, elegant. And it certainly gives the belly her inalienable right to remain tucked away, especially as shown in top two looks. Definitely a look to try in the coming days of autumn.

Have you crop topped it? Would you like to? Do tell.


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