Peplum and Me.

I was so with the peplum craze when it all started. I thought it was such a classy look, for one thing, and/or something to dress up an otherwise casual outfit. It really was a pleasure to see ladies rocking their peplum outfits all around me. But there was no way I was joining them.

See that cling in the middle? SEE??
See that cling in the middle? SEE??

See, I had this view of me wearing peplum: the fabric resting comfortably on my belly and my nonexistent hips. The problem with that is, as you’ve read, me and the belly have a love/hate relationship (despite my continuing efforts to love/love it), and there was no way I was wearing something designed to rest comfortably on an area of my body that gives me a headache every now and then. No, thank you, kind sir.

But I gave in. I was in Ross one day, playing that game with myself where I pretend like I didn’t come in to put some damage in the ole wallet, and saw a cute olive green-y peplum top on the rack.

Self #1: That’s cute. It would look great with a pencil skirt or jeans.
Self #2: You know where that peplum is going to fall. You’re going to wear it and wish you could burn it in a field somewhere.
Self #1: But we’ve lost some poundage! The mid-section has significantly gone down. And anyway, who cares? It’s cute!
Self #2: Regrets and burning fields, sweetie. Regrets and burning fields.

I’d like to announce that Self #1, she with the ever expanding goals to step out of her style comfort zone and worry not about arson and regrets, decided to buy the top. And no regrets! The slightly exaggerated image of me carrying a peplum-covered spare tire was exactly that: highly exaggerated. For one thing, I feel like the top highlights my natural waist, which I’m all for, and not necessarily my mid-section. In fact, it gives me a great sleek look, which is nice. Wanna see? (I’m wearing it as we e-speak.)

Pep1 Pep3 Pep5

So it’s a yes for peplum. And a yes for This Square Peg’s ignoring of that pervasive voice that gives rein to exaggerated fears about fashion (and everything else in life worth trying).

Any new style choices you’ve made recently?


11 Replies to “Peplum and Me.”

  1. Although I like the look of peplum, I’ve never tried it, for similar reasons. I’m heavier on top than I am down bottom, and I’m afraid peplum would just make what little derriere I have completely disappear. As for any new looks I’ve tried recently in the fashion department… Well, I’ve been experimenting with tucking my shirts in (for the very same reason I’m reluctant to try peplum – my goal is to make myself look more proportionate). I’m still not sure how I feel about the results.

    1. Well, I saw a photo of you recently on IG (I think you were with Kim) and I thought you looked mighty sharp. And I believe your shirt was tucked in. So from my standpoint, I think the tucked in look is working very, very well. 🙂

  2. First, I love your blog and I love that you are posting regularly. It gives me a much needed break from work and you have become a friend “in my head”. lol Speaking of in my head, I love that you have several “yous” in your head. I thought I was the only one, lol. Third, congrats on losing yourself 🙂 Something you won’t hear everyday but there is nothing like shopping for less of you :):) So congrats!!

    Now for the post: I loveeeeeee peplum and have ever since it came out the first time back in the day. But i love that it came around again for our generation. The more exaggerated the peplum the better. To me, it channels vintage hollywood glamour and adds to a womans shape. And with the exaggerated peplums, the skirt tends to stick out a bit which gives a nice “umbrella” effect to whatever its paired with (like in the first pic you posted). There is nothing more ugh (can’t find the word right now) than a woman walking in with a peplum top that gently moves with her as she walks. UGh!!!! Amazoids!

    Finding peplum for womanly figures was hard at first and now everyone has them! Thankfully.

    Now if you are ready to take the next step: BELT THE PEPLUM!

    Yes I said belt. For your top, right where that line is right above where the peplum starts, get you a skinny black patent leather belt (or play around with the widths) and belt.that.thing. Watch what happens. Then get your black pencil-ish skirt and put on your black patent pumps or black patent oxford tie up heels and then a black large statement necklace around the neck. Or add a broach or large flower and pin it to the shoulder, then pick the fro out, put on your red lip and cat eye and you are all set for the meeting 🙂 or dinner, or whatever 🙂

    You can also take that same approach and belt the peplum top and just change the skirt to black or dark rinse skinnies with pumps for a night out with the girls.

    Peplum is a life changer 🙂

    I am looking to play around with the equestrian look this fall. (See below)

    Fall is and has always been my favorite season and I have wanted to explore this look for like ever. This means investing in some key pieces one of which is an amazing pair of two toned riding boots and some blazers.

    We shall see :):)

    Thanks for posting :):)

    1. Thanks for the comment and the photos, Erika!! So glad you’re a lover of peplum, as well. I’m definitely sold on it. And, yes, the feeling for shopping for less of me is pretty exciting. 😉 I want to lose even less, but it’s something I’m taking slow and without pressure. Just trying to make healthier choices. And, as always, thanks SO MUCH for supporting This Square Peg! I’ll do my best to keep on posting regularly. 🙂 🙂

      1. Hey, we are “here” (my two fingers pointing at my eyes and then directing those two fingers at your eyes – or where I imagine your eyes would be, lol)

        And losing yourself is cause and reason for a celebration! I hope you danced in the dressing room and every dressing room from here on out. They are the things that only another “loser” (i’m cracking up at all this play on words) can appreciate.

        So enjoy. I am celebrating with you!

        You make me want to start writing again, but I have almost no time. Either way, thank you for this little peace of space of created here 🙂

  3. You are welcome for the ideas 🙂 I hope you find many more pieces. I am a huge fan of shopping online (you have to have your measurements to get the perfect fit) and I go to some of my favorite sites and type in peplum in the search box. And wahlah! Peplum heaven 🙂 And I will def keep you posted on the writing thing 🙂

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