Fabu Fashion Monday: Poncho, Please.

Let me tell you about the last time I wore a poncho, which was sometime in the early 2000s: quite unnerved by the lack of actual sleeves, I wore it once and stuffed it somewhere in my drawer after ripping it off at the end of the evening. Yes, folks, my name is This Square Peg, and I openly admit to being freaked out by the non-sleeves of a poncho. But that was then. Girls become women, and non-sleeves grow less terrifying.


I snagged this poncho a week ago at Rugged Wearhouse, a local store I’m newly obsessed with and mentioned here. Despite the unfortunate store name (rugged? wearhouse? just no), this place has some of the chicest finds in all the land. And dare I say it, that poncho above, with its faux leather lining and those patterns, had me drowning in le chic. I wore it a ladies lunch that I was invited to and paired it with black skinny jeans and a pair of clunky boots. By the way, have I mentioned how much I love a twistout and red lips?


Black, white, twists, and red. Can’t beat it.

Anywho, I fell so in love with the poncho that I took it along with me this past longish weekend to Arizona, where I headed to visit my beloved cuzzo. After she informed me that the weather there was actually cool (no kidding; while we shivered in the cool temperatures, it was 75 degrees here in Somewheres, VA), I threw that thing right in my suitcase and wore it again for an evening out in Phoenix.

All in all, good times were had with my dear new poncho, and there was hardly a non-sleeves panic attack in sight.

Are you a lover of the poncho, too?

Thursday and Friday.

I’m sure you’re wondering what I wore yesterday? And if I’m grateful for anything today? Have you? Well, since I forgot to post what I wore yesterday, let’s combine the two, shall we?


1. You, because you visit this blog.

2. You, because sometimes you click “like.”

3. You, because sometimes you leave a comment.

4. Anyone who supports my writing.

5. My 4th grade teacher, who inspired me to become a writer in the first place. (Have I mentioned her before? I am mentioning her again. I love you, Mrs. Chrytzer!)

6. My 11th grade English teacher, who recognized my love of writing and shaped it by saying, “I think you should major in English in college. That would be perfect for you.” (And I did, and it was.)

7. My mother, who shaped my love of writing and storytelling from the beginning by telling the most marvelous stories and introducing comic books and fairy tales into the lives of her daughters.

8. My creative writing professor in college, who taught me the value of research in fiction. It’s important!

9. My old college friend, who told me to stop using writer’s block as a crutch for not writing.

10. Music and art, for being the best friends this writer could ask for.








It’s Casual Friday here at the farm, so the details on what I’m wearing:

Skinny jeans, gifted to me by my sister. I was late to the skinny jeans thing, so, in actuality, she forced me to wear them. They’re nice. I’d like to happily report though that they’re now a bit loose. Time for new (skinny) jeans…

Cowl neck blouse – this may have come from Mom’s cloest. Love cowl necks. You can’t really tell from the photos, though. Plus, I tend to pull up the cowl part, which hangs a bit low, to prevent the entire office from seeing the world up top, if you get mah drift…

Silver chain, Avenuethey have terrific accessories. Got this one on sale.

Cream Crystal Studded Beret, Claire’s – one of the purchases I made when I did this three weeks ago.

Standard Black Boots – the usual. I live in these things.

Bon weekend, all!

The Quaint Questionnaire.

Inspired by a great idea from Natalie of Natalie’s Lovely Blog (follow her, won’t you?) and her friend McKenna Ryan , my pal and fellow blogger Toia B. of Luv To B Natural (check her out!) and I decided to interview each other on current fashion loves and likes and can’t-live-withouts. Natalie and McKenna’s fun idea consisted of finding a blogging friend and exchanging the Quaint Questionnaire with them. Feel free to do the same, and be sure to tag Natalie and McKenna if you do!

Below are Toia’s awesome answers; head over to her blog to see my answers to the same questions.

Describe your perfect winter outfit.

Let’s see… a dark rinsed pair of jeans, cognac riding boots, a chambray button-down and a v-neck sweater. Layering for warmth with coordination for flyness!

Infinity or rectangle scarves?

While I own a gaggle of rectangular scarves, I LOVE a nice infinity/circle scarf. They just make sense!

Color you can wear all year round?

Teal! As of last year, it’s my new favorite color. I found myself wearing it during the winter right into summer when I often paired it with coral. Lovely combo!

What is your take on the Fall 2013 knee-high sock comeback?

I actually love it! I may be turning 34 next month but hey, I like what I like… and I like that look. Ya know, when you wear it with some boots and have a bit of it peeking out over the top? Yeah, so cute!

What is an accessory you can’t leave the house without?

Earrings. Even if I’m just making a trip to the supermarket or running a quick errand to the post office, I’ve gotta put on some hoops or something. Just gotta! I keep a gold pair and a silver pair right where I can grab them on my way out.

How do you relax during those cold wintry nights?

Recently, I’ve been winding down with a Cosby Show mini-marathon, a PB&J sandwich, a large mug of hot chocolate and my fuzzy socks.

Where have you been finding your fashionspiration as of late?

Hmmm… that’s a toughy. I’d like to think that my style is really my own but I do enjoy the fashion sense of style bloggers like Cyn of Addicted to Etsy, Folake of Style Pantry, Eboni of The Fashionista Next Door and Ashlei of Kinks are the New Pink.

Song you can’t get out of your head?

Royals by Lorde. Sure, it’s been around for a minute but that beat… those hooks…I just can’t get enough!

What is a trend you hope never ever ever goes out of style?

Jeans paired with a blazer. It’s so basic and easy to execute that I don’t think we’d have to worry about that. Definitely my go-to.

Ankle booties or knee high boots?

There are only certain kinds of ankle booties that I actually like and I only own one pair (that I can remember) so I’m gonna go with knee-high boots. You can wear ’em with jeans, pair ’em with a skirt or maxi dress to transition from summer to winter… love the versatility.

Describe your idea of a perfect winter day.

Curling up under a blanket or my favorite sweatshirt with some hot chocolate and a good, funny movie!

Hot chocolate or chai tea latte?

Gaaaah! Ya got me! I love them both equally… is that acceptable? :-/

What is a piece you wish you had in your closet right now?

The perfect black pencil skirt. I have yet to find one to fit just right!

Thanks, Toia! Love your responses; I’m also on a quest to find the perfect pencil skirt and can’t live without my earrings.

Fabu Fashion Thursday (aka Quick Bathroom Selfies)

Because I thought today was Thursday, I decided to use my brain freeze (seriously, I believed it was Friday with all my heart) to my blogging advantage. New feature: every Thursday, I’ll post pics of what I’m wearing. Viva brain freeze fashion! I do it for you, don’t you know?

Below are a few pics of my OOTD; details are further below:





Dress is a cute sweater dress I found at Dress Barn. DB tends to sometimes skew to the more mature lady, but with diligence, you can find snazzy, age-appropriate garb.

Light gray sweater is from Ross. Speaking of diligence, it takes a lot of that to find neat things at Ross. But you can do it, if you try.

Red tights are from Wal-Mart. It’s my least favorite place in the world, Wally World, but those tights had me seeing red, in a good way.

Silver necklace from Target, I think.

And your standard black, I’ve-owned-them-for-so-long winter boots.

Fancy, huh? What are you wearing today?