things i currently need #12

You’ll see a definite theme. (See current needs #11 needs here.)


Somewhere in the Maldives.


Pretty please, Positano.


Oh, hi, Oregon.

You get my drift. My last real, bonafide vacation was in February 2016, when my girls and I went to that lovely trip to Paris. (Plenty of photos of that trip; search “Paris” and swoon.) It’s high time to get somewhere and find relaxation. Self care. It’s necessary. I do plenty of it stateside, taking time for myself, but I need to do it in another land/on a beach/in a hot spring/on a gondola. Hoping that early 2020 gives me that opportunity.

Happy Friyay, y’all. Any planned trips?

Autumn in Vegas. (Blogtober #6)

Viva Las Vegas.

I’m in the city for a much-needed week’s vacation with friends and I’m really enjoying it so far. No, there is no crisp autumn air to be found, but there are amazing mountains and sights, the Flamingo on the the Vegas strip, and so much more. Here are a few photos. More to come!