The Wedding and the Web: Part 2

Charlotte may have been the fragile baby, but I was the one with the problem. The short of it, akin to a plot from a frothy, clichéd soap opera: we had all grown up together, the Vine sisters and Sanford; I fell in love with Sanford somewhere along the way; he fell for Charlotte. And why [...]

The Wedding and the Web: Part 1

So while in the middle of a strange, hormone-fueled rage sometime in 2013, I wrote a short story one evening while sitting on the couch in our living room, not getting up and not pausing in my vicious scribbling (yep, I wrote in longhand in a spiral notebook like it was 1992) until I was finished, [...]

The Age of Adaline.

First, here's the trailer. Now let's talk. Can I tell you that I cannot wait to see this film? It's everything This Square Peg loves about a good film and a good story, really: intrigue, a little romantical (not a word, but feel free to make it yours), mystery, a bit of sci-fi, and Harrison Ford. [...]

Short Story Prompt – 7/18/14

I actually wrote this short a few months ago. I didn't care for it that much, but it's an offering nonetheless. **************************************************************************** Short story prompt - A broken wristwatch, peppermints, and a hug that goes too far Peppermints and Metal             She rifled around her handbag for peppermints, having suddenly tasted an acerbic combination of [...]

Wednesday Writers’ Spotlight: L. Taylor

Because this blog, first and foremost, is about writing. Every Wednesday, I'll spotlight a fellow writer and bring you his or her thoughts about this writing crafts of ours by way of a brief interview. First up is Ms. L. Taylor, a wonderful friend of mine and an equally amazing writer. I'm not just saying that; one of her short stories recently [...]