“You Always Wear Red Lipstick…”

“…and it inspired me to buy some and wear it whenever I go out.”

My sister said these words to me the other evening as we headed out to dinner. Nice, huh? (Incidentally, she was indeed wearing her new burgundy lippy from MAC, and she wore it proudly.) Just reminded me that gone are the days when I wanted to hide my lips however and whenever I could. Now I clothe them in bright red. What’s even cooler is that my sister has the same plumpalicious lips as I do, and I love that she’s coming out of her comfort zone.

And she wasn’t kidding about me always wearing my red lippy…

IMG_2672 IMG_2702 IMG_2861 IMG_2901 IMG_2925 IMG_2988 IMG_3008

So other than Ruby Woo, my new preferred red lippy is Cream Lip Stain from the Sephora Collection in Always Red. In fact, I’m wearing that shade in most of the photos above. And I have to tell you that this red addiction continues: I just found two more colors that I want to try out. Yikes…


Fabu Fashion Monday.

But it’s Tuesday, This Square Peg. Do you own a calendar over there where you are? I do, I do. Wanted to share what I wore last night to a spoken word event at Busboys & Poets, which featured one of my very talented friends. Can I just say that she was awesome? To share one’s work isn’t easy, especially with the very cathartic nature of poetry. But she did it and she did it so well.

So when trying to figure out what to wear, I knew I wanted to be comfortable and stylish, which is all the time. But I also knew that I didn’t want to wear anything new. Why? Because confession: I have a bad habit of buying something new whenever I have to go somewhere, whether an event, traveling, etc. It’s a weird panic mode I go into, believing that none of the clothes I have will be sufficient. I thought I didn’t know where that habit came from, but I should inform you that my mother does the exact same thing. It’s genetic. So, needless to say, an apology for all those years that I tsk tsked her for claiming that she had no new clothes and needed brand new ones before events is very necessary. I’ll get on that. We become our parents, folks. Deny it to yourselves no more. Anyway, since my new goal is to get rid of that habit, I decided to shop right from my own closet. I settled on a pair of skinny jeans, a T-shirt, blazer, and boots, all individual items that I’ve had for a while and were perfect for putting together. See below.

ShirlLook3 ShirlLook2











You like? A few details, if you’re interested:

Tuxedo Blazer: JC Penney’s

T-Shirt: Etsy (it says “Take Me to Paris”; more on my adventures wearing that shirt will come in another post, believe me). Check out/purchase the shirt here.

Skinny Jeans: Forever 21

Boots (you can see them a bit clearer in the second photo): Ross

Scarf: I love this scarf more than anything right now. I wear it constantly. Love the merging of gray and black and red (yes, it’s all combined together!) Found it at DSW, which I have to say is fabulous with not only shoes, but accessories.

Now let’s get a bit up close and personal and discuss hair and make-up.


Make-up was quick and easy: eye shadow, MAC Studio Fix, and my boyfriend, Ruby Woo.

The hair: I wanted an Afro. Plain and simple. So I spritzed by hair with my accidental mixture, did a little teasing with the hands and a pick, and done.

The earrings: Target.

We were ready to go. Simple, stylish, comfortable.

So what are your style confessions? Do you shop from your closet or run to the store like me and Mama? Tell, tell, in the comments!

The Fall Ruby Woo Rule. (Blogtober #15)

You know how much I love my MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. A reminder.

lipstick4 lipstick3 lipstick2 lipstick1

It’s my go-to when I dress up and it’s also my burst of color for any casual outfit. I love it like crazy. But the thing is, I rarely wear my Ruby Woo when I head into the OK Corral, the 9-to-5, the day to day. One of my co-workers asked me if I even wear makeup. I was like, uh, yeah? But the question didn’t really surprise me: the fact is, I feel like this place doesn’t deserve me all made up, even if it’s just lipstick and some eye shadow. Kinda intense, right? I’ll tell you why: I feel like makeup is for having fun times, good times, dressy times, those sorts of things. Things that have nothing to do with reporting to the Man five days a week. It’s extreme, but it also underscores how I feel about this place. Sigh. Working on a better attitude in 5,4,3,2…Anyway, so I resist putting my “face” on when I come in. Sure, I wear lip gloss or even the Woo once in a blue moon, and I definitely don’t leave the house without my MAC Studio Fix powder plus foundation, but I largely steer clear of my favorite lipstick. But before you can shake your head and lecture me on the importance of looking good for myself, regardless of my environment, I have you beat. From now, I will Ruby Woo wherever I go. This includes the place of nightmares that I call work. What inspired me? My bestie. When we went to Vegas last week, I loved how, regardless of wherever we went, she put her lipstick on. This meant the grocery store, a donut run, so on and so forth. She was never without her lipstick. I thought that was awesome. It reminded me of what I said above: it’s for me. Doesn’t matter where I happen to be. So, my personal rule, which effectively began yesterday: wear your lipstick when you want to, wherever you’re going, if you feel like it. Rather than letting my eager fingers bypass my Ruby Woo in favor of a boring shade of lip gloss, I’ll wear it if I very well please. Not just for fall, of course, but year-round.

And because I love you, here are a few car selfies (celfies) from yesterday when the Ruby Woo Rule went into effect.

lipstick5 lipstick6

Did I mention that I decided to straighten the fro for a spell, as well? You like? We’ll take it one day at a time as far as how it lasts, but I also want to giddily point out that when the stylist flat ironed it, before putting in some bouncy curls, it was down to my shoulders. Woohoo! It’s my intent to have healthy hair, first and foremost, but I’m also growing it out, as well, so that was nice to see. The versatility of natural hair is really everything.

Do you wear makeup and/or lipstick to work? What beauty changes have you made for yourself lately?

Fabu Fashion…Monday.

You’ll recall that the Fabu Fashion feature started on a Thursday…then next occurred on a Friday. Ah, well. I run this, right?

So, sharing what I wore a few weeks ago to a dance party in Connecticut. Don’t want to brag, but This Square Peg was all gussied up and she liked it. What whaaat?


Dress – very 70s Good Times, huh? Something Willona Woods would wear? Found it at Ross and fell in love with it immediately.

Earrings – Target.

Belt – snazzy, no? Borrowed from my friend’s closet. I’ll be purchasing one that looks just like it.

Make-up – Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation and my precious Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC, Maybelline Falsies Volume Express mascara, and an assortment of eye shadows from Sally Beauty Supply.

And can I wax poetic about my hair? I have a hair crush on my own natural mane, and I was so digging the frohawk style my pal created for me. Yay.

Good times, indeed.