Fabu Fashion Monday: Sunday Edition

Hi, y’all. Welcome to Monday. Let’s move on before I complain about Mondays, shall we? Last night, a lifelong friend of mine and all around amazing woman/entrepreneur held her second annual International Natural Hair Awards (www.naturalhairawards.com). My mom and I attended and we had a blast. I knew, a few days into the event, that I wanted to wear a jumpsuit. My, how far we’ve come.

You see, fashion-wise, I had nightmares of wearing jumpsuits, needing to use the washroom, and having to quickly de-clothe in a tiny stall before my business could be done, thereby causing an emergency that would take years of bleach and therapy to heal from. But occasionally, This Square Peg moves on and stops imagining the worse. Years ago, I wore my first jumpsuit and all went well. After that, I even packed one for my trip to Vegas and again, no tiny stall emergencies ensued. So for last night’s gala, the ensemble was ready to go. Since both jumpsuits from the past have gotten a bit large on me, that Saturday, I went to my usual haunt, Ross, to find a new one. One thing about Ross: yes, you may have to search the racks, but you can almost always depend on finding a jumpsuit. And I found two. After trying both on, I went with the one that wouldn’t require me to wear additional clothing underneath to cover up the ladies (the V-neck was celebrity starlet deep, my goodness). It also had pretty designs on the shoulders and across the square neckline. To dress it up, I paired it with a snazzy faux leather jacket and a lovely necklace that my sissy reluctantly lent to me. Done and done. See pics below.


As you can see, I went with all black everything. Regarding makeup:

  • Always Red Cream Lip Stain by Sephora for my usual red lippy
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation for the face
  • An assortment of eye shadows (in the close-up, you’ll see that I’ve been experimenting with cream eye shadow; this one is from e.l.f. cosmetics, the Smudge Post Cream Eyeshadow, but the specific shade escapes me)
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara


And there you have it. Good times were had.

How was your weekend?

“You Always Wear Red Lipstick…”

“…and it inspired me to buy some and wear it whenever I go out.”

My sister said these words to me the other evening as we headed out to dinner. Nice, huh? (Incidentally, she was indeed wearing her new burgundy lippy from MAC, and she wore it proudly.) Just reminded me that gone are the days when I wanted to hide my lips however and whenever I could. Now I clothe them in bright red. What’s even cooler is that my sister has the same plumpalicious lips as I do, and I love that she’s coming out of her comfort zone.

And she wasn’t kidding about me always wearing my red lippy…

IMG_2672 IMG_2702 IMG_2861 IMG_2901 IMG_2925 IMG_2988 IMG_3008

So other than Ruby Woo, my new preferred red lippy is Cream Lip Stain from the Sephora Collection in Always Red. In fact, I’m wearing that shade in most of the photos above. And I have to tell you that this red addiction continues: I just found two more colors that I want to try out. Yikes…


Fabu Fashion Monday.

But it’s Tuesday, This Square Peg. Do you own a calendar over there where you are? I do, I do. Wanted to share what I wore last night to a spoken word event at Busboys & Poets, which featured one of my very talented friends. Can I just say that she was awesome? To share one’s work isn’t easy, especially with the very cathartic nature of poetry. But she did it and she did it so well.

So when trying to figure out what to wear, I knew I wanted to be comfortable and stylish, which is all the time. But I also knew that I didn’t want to wear anything new. Why? Because confession: I have a bad habit of buying something new whenever I have to go somewhere, whether an event, traveling, etc. It’s a weird panic mode I go into, believing that none of the clothes I have will be sufficient. I thought I didn’t know where that habit came from, but I should inform you that my mother does the exact same thing. It’s genetic. So, needless to say, an apology for all those years that I tsk tsked her for claiming that she had no new clothes and needed brand new ones before events is very necessary. I’ll get on that. We become our parents, folks. Deny it to yourselves no more. Anyway, since my new goal is to get rid of that habit, I decided to shop right from my own closet. I settled on a pair of skinny jeans, a T-shirt, blazer, and boots, all individual items that I’ve had for a while and were perfect for putting together. See below.

ShirlLook3 ShirlLook2











You like? A few details, if you’re interested:

Tuxedo Blazer: JC Penney’s

T-Shirt: Etsy (it says “Take Me to Paris”; more on my adventures wearing that shirt will come in another post, believe me). Check out/purchase the shirt here.

Skinny Jeans: Forever 21

Boots (you can see them a bit clearer in the second photo): Ross

Scarf: I love this scarf more than anything right now. I wear it constantly. Love the merging of gray and black and red (yes, it’s all combined together!) Found it at DSW, which I have to say is fabulous with not only shoes, but accessories.

Now let’s get a bit up close and personal and discuss hair and make-up.


Make-up was quick and easy: eye shadow, MAC Studio Fix, and my boyfriend, Ruby Woo.

The hair: I wanted an Afro. Plain and simple. So I spritzed by hair with my accidental mixture, did a little teasing with the hands and a pick, and done.

The earrings: Target.

We were ready to go. Simple, stylish, comfortable.

So what are your style confessions? Do you shop from your closet or run to the store like me and Mama? Tell, tell, in the comments!