The Watched Pot.

Never boils. Specifically: A watched pot never boils. Time moves slowly when you're waiting or watching for something to happen. I've been thinking about those words this week, specifically because my mother said them to me on the phone. During our conversation a few days ago, I hinted at one of the major Worries for a …


Blogtober #24: This is 40.

Welp, it happened. She entered a brand new decade. (She is me, in case you haven't noticed the whole referring to myself in the third person thing.) Here's how I feel about it: 40 for the win. Happy Autumn.

How to Adult.

Because let's be honest: there was no real manual to prepare for adulting when we were kids, was there? Sure, our parents may have given us advice and even perhaps provided their own living example. But we were destroying playing Legos and watching Jem and the Holograms. We--I, for sure--weren't paying attention. And then you …