About your Author.

So how are you?

Yeah, me too. So blah that I forgive you for doing this infernal question and answer thing again.
Yeah, you must be really blah to actually be forgiving.

Even that bit of sarcasm is ok with me.

What’s wrong, pussycat? I’m blah, but you seem a bit more than blah.
I haven’t written in a while. Fiction. I’m partially blocked.

What do you mean by partially?
The ideas and the stories are there. I just don’t feel motivated to follow through with them. I start thembored and then I abandon them.

How can you fix it, you think?
I don’t know, really. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the time of year. Maybe it’s the fact that Idris Elba still hasn’t gotten the message that I love him with the passion of a thousand suns.

Uh, ok. You and this guy, though.
Yeah, me and this guy. You got something to say?

Nope. I will quickly move on. I see those clenched fists. So you’re partially blocked. What else is going on with you?
Nothing. Ennui. Boredom. Inertia.

In other words…
The winter doldrums and the winter blues.

What are we going to do?
Wait for April, I suppose.

So it’ll be April when you do this infernal question and answer thing again, then? And not before that time? Please and thank you?
Don’t you ever change.

About your Author Redux. (Blogtober #30)

Oh, hi. We’re doing this again, huh? How exciting.
Sarcastic much?quoteballoons

As you say, let’s move on. How are you feeling about Blogtober so far? Tomorrow is the last day…
I’m thrilled. This was a great project and I loved every minute of it.

Lessons learned?
Definitely that it’s possible to be regular with my blogging. I found myself looking forward to getting on here and posting, even more than I do in general. It was also interesting to find creative ways to weave autumn within each post.

Admittedly, you didn’t do so bad with that autumn theme.
Is that a compliment? Alert the media.

Sarcastic much?
Let’s move on.

I see what you did there. Look, I honestly thought every post would be about leaves and the color orange and such. I saw some variety there and there. You done good.

Will you Blogtober again?
Absolutely. Blogtober 2015 will be a thing.

Great. Now, how’s the creative writing thing going? You haven’t spoken about that in a while. 
Wonderful. Beautiful! I’m working on a collection of fiction, brand new short stories, which will be published shortly. Really excited about that. After that’s completed, I begin The Novel.

Oh in caps? Is it the Great American Novel or what?
Well, that’s entirely subjective for the reader. But I placed it in caps because I’ve feared the novel for a while. The commitment, the time it will take, etc. I prefer short stories because I can whip ’em out, you know? But whatever. I have about three novels in the pipeline and it’s time to put on my big girl writer pantaloons and just get to work. I’ll be sure to discuss my novel efforts further.

Big Girl Writer Pantaloons? Really?
It’s scary stuff! But I’ve also been very inspired by fellow awesome writers/friends who hunkered down and started their novel projects. (Thanks, Laura!)

Ok. Still trying to process the pantaloons. All right, what else is happening in your life?
Same ole. Work, life, life, and work.

How’s the hair?
She’s fine, thank you.

Mm hmm.

Why not he?
Anyway, she’s doing well. I mentioned having straightened her after returning from my trip to Vegas and enjoying that change in the look. But after I washed her, it was clear that she didn’t take kindly to the change. My curl pattern has gotten a bit looser and some of the ends just refuse to curl. But, all in all, she’s coming back to me. I’m babying her. And I’ve promised her that we will never go straight again.

So drastic, you.
It’s imperative. I need to keep her happy and healthy and curly.

Will you be doing a protective style? It is fall, after all. And it’s only going to get cooler. You need to protect your beloved strands.
Look at you, all knowledgeable and advise-y!

We are the same person, Einstein. Well? 
Yes, I will be changing things up in a few weeks. Pics will come, of course.

Good. Now, quite obviously changing the subject, are you active on social media?
Indeed I am. Check out my Contact page and see the social media soup.

That Instagram link isn’t working, my friend.
I’ll fix it.

Seems a bit irresponsible to have it on your contact page, broken link and all.
I said I’ll fix it.

Calm down, Sally. Sheesh. 
You’re trying to provoke me. And my name isn’t Sally.

Oh, yeah? So what is it then? Your name?
I see what you did there.

Smart, huh?
Yeah, I’ll give you that, Sally.

About your Author. (Blogtober #13)

So why do you love autumn so much?
There’s something about that crisp, fall breeze that fills me with hope. It just makes me want to pursue my goals.

You do realize that things are dying in the fall? To prepare for winter?quoteballoons
Yeah, I know.

It just seems weird to put an entire season on a pedestal.
Any more questions, though?

All right. What made you want to become a writer?
I was–and still am–a voracious reader. There was something about stories that called out to me; I wanted more than just reading. I wanted to participate somehow. I think my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Chrytzer, recognized that when she told me I could become a writer. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been surrounded by stories since birth. I think becoming a writer was inevitable.

Some of your favorite authors?
Langston Hughes, Alice Hoffman, Harper Lee, Flannery O’Connor, O. Henry, Alice Walker, Billy Shakespeare, the list goes on and on and on.

I can see that.
You’re kinda snarky, huh?

Well, I’m you, so…
Can we move on?

Fine, then. What’s with this Square Peg thing?
Fitting in has never been my thing. Even when I wanted to fit in and tried to, I always managed to do things a bit differently. This blog is about embracing that. And discussing a few things that interest me. Plus, I’m square and nerdy and it’s all good.

So, you’re just super confident, huh?
Every day is an exercise in becoming more and more confident with who I am. But no one is 100% confident.

I beg to differ. What about Lupita? 
We all struggle. Even my beloved Lupita must have bad days.

Nah, she doesn’t.
Yeah, you’re right.

Where do you live?
In the Washington DC area.

What’s your government name?

This is the Interwebs. People can get that information.
Sure, just not from me.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Why not?
Ask my Mom. She has plenty to say about that topic.

Ok. How come you never talk about your day job on here? In fact, why do you call it the OK Corral?
Read about the Gunfight at the OK Corral here. Everyday is a battle between Adult Me and Other Adult Me Who Wants to Run Screaming in The Other Direction.

Yeah, I love it just that much.

What’s your dream job?
An independently wealthy travel writer/novelist.


All right, it was nice getting to know a bit about you. I guess you want to run outside and play in a pile of dead leaves now?
Don’t you ever change, you silly thing.