The word for this year: intentional.

I discussed my social media break here. Well, today, I posted on my frowriter IG page for the first time since 2019. Why?

Because I’m a writer. And this year I have a lot of projects in the air. And I want folks to know about those projects and promote them. So pandemics and struggles and all of that, yes, but I choose to intentionally feed my muse and allow my writing to fuel me. My posts will be intentional, too. Rather than allow social media to exert the kind of control it seems to weirdly have, I think intentionality will allow for sanity and balance. At least I hope it will. By now you know I’ll pull the stop cord if I need to.

All that said: follow your Square Peg at frowriter on Le Gram or click the link at the top of this page.



I saw this on the ‘Gram last night and felt the messaging in my bones. Look: quarantining ain’t easy. And wherever you are, I know you know that. These affirmations/reminders as we deal with this pandemic spoke to me.

Photo credit: @femislay, Instagram

Keep taking care of yourself. Protect your peace of mind. Wash your hands. Wear your masks. Stay home. I’m right there with you.

the writer.

Simply put: the works that I produce need to thrive and be shared. We write for ourselves first, yes, but an audience is intrinsic. My family and friends have long supported my writing. And that was enough for me for a long time. It’s a big world. If 10 people I know and love like my work, hey, let’s throw a party. But there’s a comfort level in that. (See the above quote about shyness. That’s part of it, too.) Those you love are those you love. They aren’t the random reader that may stumble on your book and love it or hate it or scratch their heads or wonder who you think you are or applaud who you know you are. 

I’m looking for readers outside of my world, my comfort zone, my people. It isn’t about money. (Although, I mean, come on…) I want my audience to grow. I want to share my passion with more people. 

I have a new Instagram page: @sodavis_thewriter 

Kindly follow it, won’t you? Other than TSP as a platform to occasionally share my work, I’ll share here, as well: one clever hashtag at a time. 


In this Instagram world,
my dear,
find the right filter to place on our fractured love.
Will it be Hefe or Mayfair?
Amaro or Lo-Fi?
Endeavor to color us with the sheen of the dreamlike and the sepia and
take away the cracked veneer of a love that’s no longer
a love at all, but a battle, such a battle.
And when you do,
I will like it into infinity, I will double tap until my fingers bleed,
I will hashtag it #beautiful and #nogreaterlove,
and I will smile because I am looking at this rendering of a true love,
the kind of love you and me abandoned long before lives
were posted on small screens in passing vignettes.