because it’s Wednesday.

Why relegate candy to your sweet tooth? Shall we not have candy for the eye, too? This is Superman. I know, I know: you thought Superman wasn't real you thought Superman was Christopher Reeve. And he is, no doubt. But this is the new Superman. And I mean...Wednesdays were made for that face. They just [...]

It’s not Monday or Wednesday…

The title will make sense in a minute, I promise. I didn't post yesterday, so I'm posting today. So it's not Monday. The following post was already published for my "Because it's Wednesday" feature in June 2017 (aka Eye Candy Wednesdays; aka my assortment of boos and baes in the public eye), but I'm reposting [...]


Really sad, the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman. If you read the tributes about him, the theme is clear: his talent was incredible. There are two films in which PSH did nothing short of take my breath away: Doubt, and--believe it or not, his performance was chilling and compelling--Mission Impossible: 3. Watch them if you [...]