National Poetry Month: Poème #7

Bon Friday, dear reader. Here's a piece I wrote a few years ago after a pretty cathartic conversation with close friends. Because that's how poetry functions for me: whereas fiction traverses the highways and byways of my imagination, poetry is every nuance and inch of the life I lead. Is that how it is for you? [...]

National Poetry Month: Poème #6

As an author, her stories and essays have always thrilled me. But I'd like to discover her more as a poetess. Below is a powerful piece by Alice Walker. Enjoy this poetic Thursday, dear readers. Be Nobody's Darling Alice Walker Be nobody's darling; Be an outcast. Take the contradictions Of your life And wrap around You [...]

Blogvember #24 and #25: Thursday and Friday.

#24: It was lovely being off work on Thursday. This is what I did, rather than blog. Sorry. Well, not really. ***************************** #25: Since it's Black Friday, here's a poem I wrote a few years ago, entitled, naturally, Black Friday.  and so she believed the hype. she tipped her head toward the heavens and waited [...]


I'm still writing poems about him. I don't think that will ever end.   Elegy. 16. Perhaps I always knew I would end up near you, my dear, departed one, near the streets you once walked upon, near the air you once had the privilege to breathe. Somehow that dreaded constant summer began to call [...]