…so she did.

Oh, hi. Yes, I'm alive. I'm aliiiive. It's been a while, hasn't it? What I can say? I've been all over the place. So what did she (being me) do? I made strides on that musical bucket list by seeing this gentleman in concert last month. Even better, I took my mom and we screamed like [...]

The Experience.

As a music lovah, nothing thrills me more than standing in a giant stadium filled with thousands of people, lights, that electric sizzle in the air, and my favorite performer(s) standing on a stage before me. Ever since the 'rents released their sheltering hold on me during those later high school years (oh, it was [...]

In the Lonely Hour.

I had an Amy Winehouse moment. A little history: several years ago, when Amy's indescribable Back to Black album was released, I had my usual listening party on the headphones. I was on an airplane, en route to visit the bestie in Alabama. And then Tears Dry on their Own came on and I shocked the guy next [...]


Just officially declaring my musical love for Johnnyswim, a new husband and wife music duo that I discovered one morning on VH1 while getting ready for work. (Could by why I'm perpetually late every morning.) Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano sing the most heavenly harmonies, my goodness, both armed with powerful voices that will immediately make themselves at home [...]


Oh, hi there. It's been a while, huh? In short, I loathe winter and with all the polar vortexes and all that, my writing has been suspended by a lack of desire, inspiration, and general movement in my hands. But here we are. Hi, again. This will be brief. I'm here to post a song that I find [...]