Making Statements.

One thing I don't incorporate more in my ensembles are statement pieces, particularly jewelry. I tend to go for the gold hoop look for earrings, and I very rarely wear necklaces. Likely because of my weird childhood habit, perhaps? Clearly I love hoops. Anyway, my new fashion project, in my constant effort to creatively step [...]

Kate Spade and Woman Stuff. (And My Mother.)

This is the Holly Street Rubie Bag, by Kate Spade.                   I want it so bad I can taste the blue on my tongue.                   For real.                   If you click [...]

About a Boy.

As I stood in line at the café at work and watched one of the employees step over to the espresso machine to whip up a latte for a customer, I thought of him. It was such an interesting time in my life, really, all of it, and he was, by far, the most significant [...]

Fabu Fashion…Monday.

You'll recall that the Fabu Fashion feature started on a Thursday...then next occurred on a Friday. Ah, well. I run this, right? So, sharing what I wore a few weeks ago to a dance party in Connecticut. Don't want to brag, but This Square Peg was all gussied up and she liked it. What whaaat? [...]

real talk (gratitude).

Something a bit different this Gratitude Friday. I'll start by telling you that I wasn't the kind of girl that the boys ran after. Those kind of girls were a different set; far removed from my small group of funny, wisecracking nerds who liked to correct your grammar and spout critiques about books and independent films. We were silly, goofy, [...]


Oh, hi there. It's been a while, huh? In short, I loathe winter and with all the polar vortexes and all that, my writing has been suspended by a lack of desire, inspiration, and general movement in my hands. But here we are. Hi, again. This will be brief. I'm here to post a song that I find [...]