The Wedding.

Like I said, I chose to be joyful. On Saturday, two of my friends got married. It was a lovely wedding--sweet, simple, understated. I got to see good friends and family and dance these weak knees into lovely oblivion. And, if you're wondering... Overall, I was happy. Inside this mind and heart, however, was a [...]

Keep Your Voice Down When Making Declarations of Love: Random Memory #1

Welcome to a new feature on This Square Peg, where I share the random memories that come to me during my morning commute to work! You're welcome. There's always a catalyst to the memories. This particular morning, as I stepped off the train, I saw a young woman who reminded me of a girl that [...]

Fake Limps and 5Ks.

So, quite randomly this morning, I made a mental note to do a search for 5Ks in the area and sign up for one as soon as possible. Moments later, I found myself marveling a bit. We've come a looong way, baby. Follow me, won't you? This is the girl who chose to take zeroes for the day [...]

My 20.

So AMEX has this new card geared toward the harried multi-taskers of the wold, aka, moms. I'm not a mom, and I dare not apply for an American Express card (I envision a decline letter coming back with 1,000 LOLs), but I love Tina's list above of 20 aspects of her life/days as a mom. So here's are [...]