Blogtober #1. (aka: We’re Doing This.)

We’ve done Project Blogtober before. (Search and ye shall find.) And we shall do it again, despite my lazy blogger fingers. 31 days of blogging this entire month. 31 days of blogging about fall as a theme in some way, shape, or form, because October is my favorite month and because I turn 40 this month so I feel like I should start doing what I want, no? 31 days of you and I, dearest reader.

Onwards and blogwards.


6 Replies to “Blogtober #1. (aka: We’re Doing This.)”

  1. I haven’t done Blogtober in a minute! Totally forgot about it this year, to be honest… and it’s probably for the best! 😄 Talk about “lazy blogging fingers”! Lol! But I hope to be getting my blogger life together really soon.

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