Before and After.

Happy to let y’all know that I contributed a piece for my good friend AB’s new blog. I also hold the privilege of being the very first contributor for her new baby, which is awesome when you consider how much I love supporting my friends, especially when it comes to writing/blogging.

Check it out here, please. I talk about my once tenuous relationship with “Before and After” photos and their impact on my gaining health/weight loss journey.

And kindly follow her blog, won’t you?


4 Replies to “Before and After.”

    1. PS:

      Comments aren’t enabled on AB’s blog, so I’ll leave one here.

      That was so heart warming and inspiring. You wrote with subtle humour but your words captured the emotions beautifully. I awwed and oohed as I read.

      Lol @ “Photoshopping abilities of whichever intern was tasked with taking the picture.” XD

      You look fantastic, I agree with you, the decision trigger to make a monumental change in one’s life has to come from within.

      Sometimes all the preaching and advice from well-meaning people won’t make us budge. But once we self-motivate it’s amazing how almost limitless we can become.

      Indeed Before and Afters are like the trophy for all that hard work and perseverance.

      Well done!

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