The title says it all, no? See the pictorials so far from le weekend en Paris and this past Monday.

 The Louvre. Everything, really.

 The Love Lock bridge. Better known as Pont des Arts. Lovely.

Lunch at Angelina, a restaurant that’s famous for being a favorite of Audrey Hepburn’s, their yummy macarons, and their oh so delectable hot chocolate. I’ve been pinning that restaurant for ages. And now I’ve experienced it. Worth all the salivatory (not a word) glances on the computer.

There are no words. Well, there are. The last time I was in Paris, we couldn’t come that close to the Eiffel, due to security concerns. We also didn’t see it at night. This trip took care of all of that and then some. Really just beautiful. Here’s one more for the road. 

I’ll be back for more photos and commentary!

[All photos belong to This Square Peg.]