Meanwhile, in Paris…#2-4 (Adventures, Angelina, and the Eiffel)

The title says it all, no? See the pictorials so far from le weekend en Paris and this past Monday.

 The Louvre. Everything, really.

 The Love Lock bridge. Better known as Pont des Arts. Lovely.

Lunch at Angelina, a restaurant that’s famous for being a favorite of Audrey Hepburn’s, their yummy macarons, and their oh so delectable hot chocolate. I’ve been pinning that restaurant for ages. And now I’ve experienced it. Worth all the salivatory (not a word) glances on the computer.

There are no words. Well, there are. The last time I was in Paris, we couldn’t come that close to the Eiffel, due to security concerns. We also didn’t see it at night. This trip took care of all of that and then some. Really just beautiful. Here’s one more for the road. 

I’ll be back for more photos and commentary!

[All photos belong to This Square Peg.]


2 Replies to “Meanwhile, in Paris…#2-4 (Adventures, Angelina, and the Eiffel)”

  1. Hi Lady MM,

    Ah! the Eiffel tower is beautiful, I wonder how long it took to build a thing like that (*goes off to consult know-it-all Google*) These photos were lovely to look at, you and your friends looked so happy.

    Yes, “Salivatory” is a word of you want it to be a word, in fact any thing you fancy can be a word should you insist. 😀

    I’ve never tried macaroons before, I’ve always wondered if they were crunchy like biscuits or soft like cakes. I like how peacocky they look (See, I just made up “peacocky” just cos I felt like it. Ha!)

    I am too African to be padlocking my love like that, what if I fall out of love with the person, then my love-spirit would be somewhat tied to theirs forever. NO WAY MEHN! Lol

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience.

    1. Hi Ms. N:

      Alas, we share the same African heart. I gazed at those locks with the kind of disdain reserved for unruly children that run amok in most department stores. Lovely to look at, but a part of me was also nauseous at all the rust. 😂 As far as the longevity of our love, I’m too secretly romantical to believe that a simple lock suffices as a symbol. Hahaha.

      We researched the difference between macarons and macaroons: apparently, the latter are the biscuit-y, cake-y kind. Macarons are the soft cookie kind. We were still confused. So it all comes down to spelling. (??) But I say eat both until you figure it out, right? 😉

      Thanks for checking out the photos! Indeed, we had a wonderful, happy, slightly crazy-in-a-good-way time. 😊 Enjoy the rest of your week!

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