Aggie and the Woman, The End.

That Monday afternoon, Marième waved at Aggie when she stepped onto the train. Aggie waved back. I wish you the very best, she told the woman silently. It was all she could do.


As usual, Marley was waiting for Aggie when the latter exited the train station. “Did you have a good day today?” Marley asked her.

“I did, yes,” Aggie replied, smiling, before reaching over and hugging her friend. 

“A hug? Do you love me again?” Marley asked, grinning. 

“I never stopped.” As they pulled away from the Cornavin, Aggie then informed her best friend that she and Daniel were dating. 

“Thank goodness,” Marley said. “I was wondering how long his secret staring would continue.”

“You noticed all of that?” Aggie asked, surprised.

“Of course I did. Look, I may want to kill Daniel most of the time, but it was obvious that he had totally fallen for you, so he has good taste. There: I said it. Those words will never come out of my mouth again.” With that, Marley began to excitedly describe a future wedding with a bridal party clad in a variety of African head wraps that matched their dresses. “We also need different wraps for the ceremony, the reception, when we do a traditional Ghanaian dance in your honor…”


Later that evening, as she and the Van Strecks gathered around the dinner table, Aggie gazed around at her second family. Her eyes momentarily rested on her soon-to-be official boyfriend and purported future husband. She felt a tiny jolt of excitement at what their future held.

She felt a larger jolt of excitement at what her own future held.

Aggie then smiled to herself. She felt very much at home. 


Thank you for reading, for commenting, for liking. Aggie and the Woman is pretty special to me as a writer, as I previously mentioned; sharing it with you has been the icing on the cake.

More reflections will come about the story. Feel free to also follow me @frowriter on Instagram if you’re not already; many more writerly things await you there. The link is at the very top of this page you’re on.

Let me know what you thought about the story overall in the comments, yes? Thank you, and Bon Tuesday.


3 Replies to “Aggie and the Woman, The End.”

  1. Beautiful!!! I loved this story! I loved the whole way the details were revealed so artfully and I loved the very small but impactful details about each character, their background, their culture, their frame of mind! The way each scene was set! Impeccable!

      1. It was a pleasure! Writers like you give us readers the needed escapism we need in these times. Thank you for your art 😊😄😘

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