Dear Jerry from Walgreens.

TSP Mask
Not from today but you get the idea.

When I approached the counter this morning, you gasped and declared me to be the most beautiful woman you had ever seen. A bit taken aback, I smiled underneath my mask (and yes, I wondered how you appreciated my beauty with a full mask covering my face with only my eyes visible) and thanked you. But you weren’t done, Jerry. You complimented my dress (I can only wear leggings and dresses now because: quaranthick) and then you told me that I could apply for every beauty pageant in the world. Again, I thanked you. After paying for my things, all the while chuckling as you proceeded to compliment my braids, I declared to you, Jerry, that you had made my entire day.

Thank you for your kindness and your generous appreciation of yours truly.

This *Masked Square Peg


We all need to smile and we all need a mental break from the abundance of so many things. Such is the purpose of this post. Wherever you are, stay healthy, take care of yourself, unplug if you need to, and keep pushing.

*And wear your masks! We’re still in a pandemic!


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