Single Gal Survival: The Quarantine Edition.

Because we singletons need to take care of each other. We all need to take care of each other, yes (and please do), but I’m a single woman and that’s my significant point of view to share–especially for those of us who deal with loneliness on a regular basis anyway (whether COVID or not) and don’t share a home with another person. So, by now, you’ve been hunkering down like the rest of the world during this COVID-19 crisis, staying home, isolating, quarantining. It’s been…something. If you’re a Party of One like me and you’re struggling, here are a few things I’ve been keeping in mind: stayhome

1. Freedom. Even if you’re an introvert and this is a dream come true, the freedom that comes with choosing whether to stay in or not is gone right now. And that’s really hard. Focus on being on the other side of this. I’m imagining all kinds of trips and twilight dinners with friends, even just strolling in the park. (For the record, I consider myself an ambivert, but again, the freedom to choose whether to stay in or not is the pain point here.) 

2. Fitness. Walks to the fridge don’t count as a workout. I’m talking to myself here, too, believe me. Right now, the urge to veg/nap is strong. You may be an emotionally sleeper like me. But when you’re ready, exercise awaits. It’s hard to be motivated when you’re going through the motions. It just is. 

3. Feels. The feels will come. Oh, yes. Sometimes tears. Anxiety. A deep, deep sense of aloneness. Prayer has really helped me. Talking to a trusted friend has, as well. And remembering that there are many more making it through the day, as best as they can, has been really, really helpful. And about the days: literally try to take one 24-hour period at a time. Not weeks bundled together, running around in your mind, driving you mad. 

4. Folks (and Productivity). Plenty of folks are accomplishing a lot during this abundance of time at home. That’s great. Please don’t feel pressured if that isn’t you. If a shower and washing your face is all you can get done during the day, there’s no shame in that. And for my dear creatives: see above. Don’t force it. I’m writing here and there, but I’m not pushing it.  

5. Find Balance. Don’t drown in news items. I’m all for staying largely informed, but this entire thing is also emotionally debilitating, what’s happening to folks. Try to maintain a balance between awareness and peace of mind.

6. Finally: Stay home. (If you can. If you’re essential, like many of my friends and family, hang in there, please take care, and thank you for standing on the frontline for the rest of us.)

So call a friend, write down a few thoughts if you like, smile at cute dog videos, take that nap, and try to breathe. I’m right there with ya, lady. 


3 Replies to “Single Gal Survival: The Quarantine Edition.”

  1. Thank you for writing this so beautifully. The single girl survival guide is a must! We as creatives, essential workers and women in general need to allow ourselves to go through the motions to keep ourselves informed and healthy. Glad I have friends like yourself to check in and up on to get through any time whether it be jubilant or tribulation. Thank you for being a friend 💚🙌🏾

    1. Whether jubilant or tribulation: well-said. Thank you for reading and for saying these lovely words and definitely, for your friendship. (Traveled down a road and back again…) We need to support each other, especially in times like these. 💕💕💕

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