I love that Jhené Aiko posted this on her Instagram story. (Courtesy of The Shade Room.)

I love that she was raw, open, and honest about the depth of her feelings.

I love that she sat with her feelings instead of running away from them and resorting to old, toxic habits.

I love that she spoke purely of the fear she felt in that moment.

I love the hashtag. Because it means that things can be going well, life may improve, darkness may give way to light, pain may dissipate–but a trigger is a trigger. And triggers can happen at any time. And they can push you to back to a place that’s all too familiar.

Which is when it’s time to speak on it, as Jhené did. Release it, find the words, and try very hard to say what you need to. Even if those words are covered in tears. Even if you’re sitting in an empty room. The walls can take it.


2 Replies to “#triggered”

  1. So true. That’s really the beauty of writing and art as an outlet. Sometimes its tedious to sit and be with our feelings; its much more fun to do something toxic or to ourselves or others. If not fun, at least its distracting. But writing or just having some sort of outlet can really save us… and we can learn so much in the process. Love this!

    1. Definitely agree that writing and art can be so cathartic and help direct a lot of those feelings. Facts. As a writer many folks ask me if I’ve written down my feelings when things aren’t going easy in life.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. ♥️

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