20 (Maybe) Weird Things.

I’ve said it before: we’re all weirdos. See the following.

Right, Idris?
  1. I read over people’s shoulders on the train, especially when they have hefty, voluminous books in their hands. I mean, how can I be a legitimate bookworm if I don’t hoard what you’re reading?
  2. If you stand too close to me anywhere, this is clear evidence that you want my kidneys.
  3. I don’t necessarily mind the scent of gasoline. (Stop raising your eyebrows. Doesn’t that acrid aroma take you back to the days of school buses and running to get to class on time? No? Fine, it’s just me then. Le sigh.)
  4. Speaking of school, I get a little sad when September comes. Reminds me of the return of school and losing summertime, air-conditioned basements, and leisurely family time/trips to the local library. Poor kiddos.
  5. When I hear this song, I weep. I don’t know why.
  6. Speaking of inexplicably sad songs, I crave them sometimes. The melancholy can be oddly uplifting.
  7. In elementary school, I was in class with a girl named Marni Levy. One of my Dad’s friends owned an auto shop which was next to another shop named Levy’s. In my mind, I believed that Marni’s father owned that shop. Because of the last name. It never dawned on me that the world is undoubtedly filled with millions of Levy’s.
  8. Can you believe I still remember Marni’s name? I just Googled her. And found her. Oh, the Google. We were in 4th grade together.
  9. By now, you understand that I’m a low-key private investigator. Let us give thanks for Columbo, Jessica Fletcher, and Hercule Poirot. I really believe in my skills, y’all.
  10. To this day, I can’t check my pulse. Because I have no idea what I’m counting. And really, does it matter? As long as we all know how fast or slow it’s going?
  11. I have safe songs. Songs that prevent me from throwing myself to the ground and bawling during stressful and/or anxious times. When I hear these songs, I calm down. It’s amazing. I’m sure there’s a psychological link to a relaxing memory somewhere. Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears, Drive by the Cars, and Dancing in the Dark by my boyfriend Bruce Springsteen are a few. (By the way, the term “safe song” came from an episode of Ally McBeal. I latched on to the term immediately.)
  12. If I must drink a green smoothie (like being forced by a kidnapper or a bank robber), I don’t want to taste the green part. I better not taste that green part.
  13. My actual shoe size is 8 1/2. But I wear 9, 9 1/2, and even 10 sometimes. Because my toes are alive and sometimes cannot physically take being in certain shoes. Like they need room to breathe. It’s the weirdest thing.
  14. I inherently associate smells with memory. See #3. It’s not weird, per se, but it’s tough to explain to people why you’re backing away slowly from them because their perfume reminds you of terrifying kindergarten teachers.
  15. “Conspiracy theorist” is an appropriate description of yours truly. They’re watching you. All of them.
  16. I read the ending of books first before I buy them.
  17. For a long time during my adolescence, I truly believed that I was adopted. Like, really. Actual mother: Diana Ross. Or a queen from a faraway land. Same thing.
  18. See #15. There are at least two people in history that I believed faked their deaths. But we won’t get into it now, folks. Not trying to scare you this early in the morning.
  19. I’m a sassy, swinging, modern girl. But I may or may not be clueless about the lyrical content of most songs.
  20. When “LOL” became a thing, it took me a while to not use it as a verb in my mind when reading it. (“Wow, she’s doing a lot of LOLing.”) I also perhaps maybe Googled it at first to see what in the world it meant. Add “SMH” to that list, as well.

There is it, folks. A few quirks and oddities that I contentedly call my own. For the record, I certainly believe that “weirdness” is all relative; life would be quite shapeless and gray without the downright different ways we all perceive things. So take a deep breath, install Google on your smartphone, and enjoy your life.

Bon weekend, mes amis.


9 Replies to “20 (Maybe) Weird Things.”

  1. 15. Conspiracy theorist ????? So who is THEY????? They who seem to have so much to say and dictate snd voyeurs on top of everything else…..
    18 am curious about the faked deaths, curiosity is trait of mine I cant deny its that itch…..
    3. I dont care much for the smell of gasoline I prefer the smell of freshly cut lawn but best of all, the scent of wet earth after the first rains after a long dry spell….


    PS why own earth would you read the last of book before you buy spoiler alerts and it totally ruins plot twists you are weird.

    1. THEY wouldn’t want me to reveal that information. Always watching, always listening…👀
      There may be a future post about the faked deaths…
      Ooh, wet earth after rain. I like. 👍🏾
      RE your PS: this WAS a post about weird things, no? 😂😂 That’s my thing. 😊

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      1. Can they read minds?
        Are we ever really alone?
        Looking forward to the future post I love a good conspiracy ^_^
        you are welcome it was a pleasure really ☻☻
        Yes, it was a weird post lol
        PS Petrichor …. it has a name ♥

  2. This was a fun read, you are one interesting lady.

    Number 14 is me to a capital Tee. I also associate smells with memories, Calvin Klein’s ‘Escape’ brings back a not-so-nice memory and it’s such a gorgeous scent.

    You read the ending of books before starting? But whyyyyy? I live for the surprise element when flipping pages.

    In my part of the world, that smell of gasoline only reminds us of unstable electricity and noisy power generators. Lol

    @Number 15. Are you sure you aren’t a Lagosian? Conspiracy is our middle name. XD

    1. LOL, thanks. #14 is so intriguing, isn’t it? It constantly amazes me, the rush of memories that come with aromas.

      Yes, yes, I do read the endings. It’s a safety thing. Like, I can’t get into a book about an amazing heroine to learn that she dies in the end. I can’t live like that. I can’t deal. LOLOL. This should explain my relationship with books and stories. They stay with me long after I’ve stopped reading. Sometimes I need to ensure that a level of melancholy won’t stay with me, too. Le sigh. But I still act surprised at the end. Hahahaha.

      LOL! Can I be an honorary Lagosian? After all, Accra is just hours away…

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