Meanwhile, in Paris: To All the Crêpes I’ve Loved Before…

…bow before your benevolent mistress.


It was inevitable that I, a faithful lover of crêpes since my aunt introduced me to them when I was about six years old, would enjoy one of my favorite desserts in the country of its birth. I ate it in seconds, pausing only for one of my girls to snap this photo of me. (Can we talk about her marvelous photo, by the way? Capturing that lovely Eiffel and the breathtaking moon all in one fell swoop? I still hold my breath when I look at this picture.)

A few things:

  • Inside the crêpe was warm Nutella chocolate. So basically all of my dreams coming true and life being given.
  • You’ll notice my one gloved hand. It was chilly that evening, but I certainly had to eat my beloved delicacy with a free, naked hand. Enter the quirky compromise.
  • See that joy in my eyes? This is what crêpes do.

All right, that’s my cue to stop before I start penning sonnets.

Want to tell me everything about your favorite dessert? Make it good and yummy. 


19 Replies to “Meanwhile, in Paris: To All the Crêpes I’ve Loved Before…”

      1. Lol, me too! Which is why I pretend they don’t exist! 😂 But for Paris: bring them on. Thanks for the follow! Now following you, as well. 😊😊

  1. This is a fantastic photo. Kudos to your girl for taking such a remarkable shot. I use to get that look in my eyes when I had one of my favorite desserts, a frozen cheesecake shaped like small, stacked coins. It’s one of those desserts that stops time just so you can fully appreciate. It’s been a while…. ?

      1. May or may not be in the same league as a crepe filled with Nutella under the Eiffel Tower AND the moon, but yeah, it’s pretty nice!

      2. LOL! Well said, and very astute. You just happened to really be under the Eiffel Tower and full moon to prove your own point. My desserts will never be the same!

  2. Anything with Nutella is perfect in my book.
    There’s this particular dessert called Sweet Bean Bread. It’s a soft loaf of bread in the shape of a pretzel, lined with chocolate and sprinkled with sesame seeds and it tastes absolutely divine.
    I’m sure Paris was wonderful.

      1. I think it’s just a special in this particular bakery because I’ve never seen it anywhere else. More’s the pity.

      2. Indeed. Or perhaps it’s best that I don’t know where to find it. I have what they call Dessert Determination: it ignores things like self-control and trying to eat right. 😉

  3. Lol @ “bow before your benevolent mistress”. Mwahahaha!

    A well-written ode to a delicious crêpe.

    The angle of that photograph is everything and some more! So beautiful.

    Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I had crêpes, the last time was as the cinema. I opted for a sausage crêpe roll-up instead of overpriced sugary popcorn.

    Hmmm…There’s something naughtily sensual about “warm Nutella chocolate”. Ahem 😉

    1. Thank you, my dear. Such a delectable treat needed some attention. 😉

      That photo, right?? She really did a fantastic job.

      Ooooohhhh…they offer crêpe roll-ups at your cinemas? We just have the standard and boring offerings. If they had crêpe, I would likely be at the theater far more. LOLOL

      🙂 🙂

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