Fall in Love.

I’ve talked about body image/self image on here more times I can link or number. It’s an important thing to me. Having struggled for so, so long with a dangerous, damaging view of myself and my physical body (there was quite some mental/emotional toxicity going on, too), and having crossed to that other side where I can look in the mirror and fully love what I see, it’s still important to me to talk about it. Because:

  • Journeys may deviate and turn, but they don’t truly end.
  • We all have our moments.
  • Every day becomes an affirmation.
  • Empowering women by example is so crucial.

In other words, it’s a topic that will always appear on This Square Peg.

Please watch this video. A friend recently posted it on Facebook and I watched it and cried and I had to share it here. Quite simply: we have to fall in love with our bodies. We have to. Whether bruised or scarred or “wobbly,” they were made to accomplish pretty amazing things. To give birth. To endure disease. To partly make us who we are. The mirror merely provides the reflection. We provide the commentary. Let the words uttered to ourselves and our bodies be good, positive, kind, uplifting.



2 Replies to “Fall in Love.”

  1. Positive message. A person’s self esteem is sometimes the butter to their daily bread. More often than not, it’s skin deep. Thank you for sharing this.

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