meanwhile, in a Parisian cafe…




9 Replies to “meanwhile, in a Parisian cafe…”

  1. Lord have mercy! I want a flight to paris and what is in that cup! And a macaroon (never had one, and you posted a pic of them before and they have been on my “to-get” list every since) AND biscotti!

    I think I hear starbucks inviting me in and I’m about to RSVP YES!!!!!!!

    (do you think that if i take them a picture they can hook me up?….. No? oh ok. well i tried)

    happy friday :):)

  2. Lol! It’s with a try: take it to Sbux and be like, make me the exact replica of this. 😁 But I think the flight to Paris idea is even better. Oh my goodness, yes, macarons are everything. I just had some yesterday!

    Happy Friday to you, too. 🙂

  3. You know what there is a starbucks and a trader joes on either side of my job. (cues MJ’s song) “You bout to be starting something. Bout to be starting something….”


  4. I was trying to figure out where to get macaroons from and then wah lah! It hit me that I think I saw them there before. Where do you get yours.

    And P.S. I’m going to Paris when you go back to Paris. Or at least when you put together a “best of”/ “where to” Paris guide (with pictures and maps, cuz a sister is directionally challenged)

  5. Sounds like a plan! I definitely need to do a “best of” Paris post, although I had one similar which ran down the places I went. Look under the Paris category and you should see it. But a sister is directionally-challenged, too, so you’ll just get photos of the Louvre and a prayer that you get there safe. Lolol

    Regarding the macarons, I was actually in NYC yesterday for the day (blog post will come soon) and went to a lovely tea parlor in the West Village, which is where I had my macarons. I can’t remember where else I had them. I think at a gathering. I don’t remember buying them, but I should more often, huh? Actually I want to try my hand at making some. 🙂

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