Project Blogtober: Check. (Blogtober #31)


The plan to combine my favorite month with my favorite season by blogging every day? Check. Done and done.

What good times. Thanks for supporting my blogging efforts this month by reading and/or commenting and/or liking, thanks to those of you that joined me for the project, for those of you that decided to follow This Square Peg, for all of it. I certainly hope that I won’t disappear because we’re done with Blogtober, but I’m also extremely lazy and that’s what we lazy writers/bloggers/square pegs do. But even if I’m away from a day or two, resting my typing thumbs, take comfort that I’ll return soon enough. Kidding. (Or nah?) So I started blogging in 2008 because a former co-worker mentioned that my acute writer’s block would be forced to retreat if I wrote regularly. In her estimation, the creative part of my brain, filled with sad cobwebs at the time, would wake up if it saw that I was making an effort to simply write, even if my blogging wasn’t necessarily fiction or poetry. I took her advice and began my very first blog. She was right. It’s been an adventure ever since. I remain a very happy blogger, and Blogtober reminded me of that.

Thanks again. Team Blogtober! Yeah! (Um, there will be no Project Blogvember, in case you’re wondering. Feel free, though. All yours.)




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