your October gift. (Blogtober #29)

You’re welcome.

Wait. Before I go, can we talk about this scene? Can we talk about all the breathing, and the rain, and Mr. Darcy’s ardent love, and Elizabeth’s obvious attraction to him despite her repulsion at his tearing apart Bingley and Jane, and the rain, and the standing so close to each other, and communicating, so deftly, how they truly feel for each other with a few glances and their proximity, and the rain, and…

My ardent love for the 1995 P&P miniseries with Colin and Firth and Jennifer Ehle knows no bounds. But the 2005 adaptation with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen is expertly done. Expertly. There are so many tiny revelations and nuances that come to light with that adaptation. Ugh. I love it so.

Anyway, as mentioned, you’re welcome. Happy October.


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