Blue Autumn. (Blogtober #17)

I have no doubt that men go through the blues. Nevertheless, I feel that as women, our hormonal shifts and complicated emotions just put us through the ringer, sometimes on a daily basis. And by the blues, I mean days that you, as a woman, open your eyes and just see the universe covered in the blue of anger, the blue of loneliness, the blue of discouragement, of bills, of work, of traffic, of everything. blue2

For me, the past few autumn days have been nothing short of interesting. I’ve essentially been a functioning blue woman, caught inside intense emotions while I live my life. Moments where I recognize that if not for work or people or responsibilities or driving or life, I’d be covered in tears, clenched fists, and/or a few piercing screams. The causes aren’t necessarily important, but the solutions have indeed manifested themselves. Praying. Confiding in good friends. Breathing. Reflecting. Eating. Singing. Writing. With time, I’m confident that the corners of my blue will begin to yellow and will soon change color. But…I’m not ignorant to the fact that the blue will come back. It’s an endless cycle. It’s intrinsic that I pay attention to myself, noting when things change emotionally and readying myself for the blue that will surely come.

How do you deal with those seemingly infinite blue days?


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