Leaving Las Vegas. (Blogtober #11)




I’m leaving on a jet plane…

Typically, when vacations end and I’m on a plane about to head back home, I nurse that melancholy, vacay-is-over-back-to-work-help-me feeling. Reason #1,097,012 why I need to quit my job, gain some kind of independent wealth, and just travel the world and write. Anyway, I’ve decided, as I wait for liftoff, to focus on the positives of this grand trip.

1. I went to a place I’ve never been before. This Square Peg loves that. There’s nothing like a travel adventure in a brand new place.

2. I was with friends that are more like family. No further explanation necessary, other than saying that these people are infinitely loved.

3. Bucket lists. I can cross the following off, which were high on the list: seeing the majesty of the Grand Canyon, taking in the endless lights on the Vegas strip, and watching the waters of the Bellagio fountains shoot up into the sky. The Hoover Dam wasn’t on the list, but certainly gets an honorable mention.

4. The airport. Have I expressed how fascinating airport terminals are to me? So shiny and filled with places that will marvelously ruin diets. The terminal is everything.

There’s a lot more to appreciate about this awesome trip, but I’ll leave you with those. Thanks for following me along as I spent a few autumn days in this desert town.


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