Admittedly, I have this bias. Perhaps you have this bias. When I think about Paris–which you’re learning is pretty often–I almost always imagine it covered with spring. Trees bearing light pink blossoms that gently blow in the breeze. Couples walking hand in hand along the River Seine, the light air adding a delicate touch to their sweet love. Monet’s gardens, vintage sundresses, and berets. This is the Paris I invariably think of; the other three seasons don’t seem to factor when I think about the City of Lights. (Hey, I went to Paris in August and reminisce over it with a spring-y touch.)

But can you blame me? “Paris in Springtime” is a phrase we’ve all heard. Artwork, quotes, songs, poetry–Paris and springtime have been linked since time began, it seems. Do you wonder why? Me, too. I don’t have an answer. But if we want to envision one of the most romantic and inspiring cities on the planet (I’m so biased, but that’s ok) within a season that we associate with beauty, rebirth, and shedding off the harsh skin of winter and beginning anew, I seriously have no problem with that.

But there are three other seasons. And as my good friend and fellow participant in Project Blogtober, Laura, mentioned so eloquently in her recent post, I do wonder what autumn is like in one of my favorite cities. Is it like the New England-y fall vista that I typically associate with this time of year? Well, in the age of Pinterest, let’s see what I found when I looked up Paris in Autumn.

fall4 fall3 fall2 fall1

Seems about right.