Gratitude Friday: The Friend Zone

A gratitude Friday has been long overdue, no?

Referring to the title above, it’s not the friend zone that we all know and shudder over. My friend zone is filled with good, delightful, loving, supportive and wonderful friends, and I’m so grateful for each and every one of them. Early in life, I understood the power of friendship. My childhood best friend, Charlotte, was pretty much everything to me. (So everything that if you see the name Charlotte in my fiction time and time again, it’s no mistake.) Even at that young age, the idea of having someone so close to me and so beloved, other than my siblings, was understood.AustenFriends

What I’m exceedingly grateful for when it comes to friends:

  1. For painful truths and lessons learned when a friendship reveals itself to be not as cohesive as I believed. It’s important to me to know the true fabric of my relationships. It stinks, but it’s just important to know.
  2. For times when I meet people and we are immediately drawn to each other, something that happened recently. It caught me off sweetly off guard. I look forward to the journey.
  3. For best friends. I mean, there’s nothing more to say. All right, there is: a best friend just kind of makes everything amazing to me. I don’t know how or why. I spent time with my bestie last week and loved/appreciated every minute of it.
  4. For seeing how friendships were so important to my parents. As an adolescent, I watched my parents open their home to people they had known and loved for years. I don’t doubt that this had a lasting impression on me.
  5. For 4AM. A bunch of us talking, laughing, contemplating, shedding a few tears, and encouraging one another till the wee hours of the morning. Never has wrecking my sleep cycle felt so awesome.

Happy Gratitude Friday.

What are you grateful for? Other than it being Friday (thank goodness)?



2 Replies to “Gratitude Friday: The Friend Zone”

    1. Absolutely. Everything is a lesson. And even now, I’m still seeing nuances in the “fabric” that are good to know. It’s just better to be protected than subjected to further toxicity.

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