In the Lonely Hour.

I had an Amy Winehouse moment.

A little history: several years ago, when Amy’s indescribable Back to Black album was released, I had my usual listening party on the headphones. I was on an airplane, en route to visit the bestie in Alabama. And then Tears Dry on their Own came on and I shocked the guy next to me by nearly falling out my chair in response. The melody and lyrics and everything slayed me immediately. I closed my eyes; held out my hands before me–I mean, I was having some sort of religious conversion epiphany moment. I don’t know what it was about that song; I don’t know why, when I played the song for my friends, they reacted in a similar way; I don’t know why when I read reviews about the album, most of the critics seemed to highlight that particular song when discussing the richness of that album. It was everything and it still is and I still squeal under my breath when that song comes on my music mix.

Oh, the talent.

Well, I had another AW moment yesterday when listening to In the Lonely Hour, the first album by new Brit artist Sam Smith. (Seriously, whatever they’re putting in the tea and crumpets in Britain is working; most of the best soul singers that have arrived on the music scene and have quickly established their talent.) The entire album had me in epiphany Amy Winehouse mode; it was one song after the next of mind blowing vocals and lyrics that landed right in the center of my chest and culled up memory and moments in time and swelling chords and just good music. Goodness. Honestly, I would list the songs on the album that stand out, but I can’t do that because they all stand out, each and every one of them. I will say that I’ve Told You Now (couldn’t find the album version to link, but Google it up…or buy the album!) did something to me. I don’t know what it did, exactly; I was exercising when it came on and my knees nearly gave out when I heard the chorus. We could attribute that to my actual weak knees, but I have a feeling it’s the song. Anyway…

Purchase this album. You need it in your life.

The end.


5 Replies to “In the Lonely Hour.”

  1. I’ll have to check him out. Have you heard of Daniel Merriweather? He was on a Mark Ronson track a few years ago and I waited (impatiently) for his cd to come out. I just LOVE his voice! Also James Morrison, who sometimes sounds like Stevie Wonder, and Jamie Lidell’s cd called Jim. It was funny, at one point my 6 cd changer had them, Amy Winehouse, Adele and Duffy. My version of the British Invasion. Haha

    1. Yes, ma’am! Love Daniel Meriwether! I heard that same Ronson track and loved his voice (that Mark Ronson is pretty prolific in his own right). And I’ve got James Morrison and his amazing voice on my iPod, as well. Love his song “You Give Me Something.” Like I said, there’s something good in the water across the pond! Lol. Adele is my queen, sigh. And I love Duffy!

      1. YES that was the song that hipped me to James. Ugly Betty finally had a guy interested in her and he asked her to dance. I kept rewinding trying to hear the lyrics in the background so that I could Google them to find the artist and track. Oh, the things we went through in the years before Shazam! 😉h

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