ready to go…
Where heaven awaited.
Pre-Massage #1
Pre-Massage #2
Pre-Massage #3
Aaaaand look at those eyes. Clearly post-massage!

Your Square Peg was stressed. And has been for a while. So I made a much-needed appointment for this past Saturday with my masseuse (it’s kind of awesome to have a masseuse, huh?) at Solace Day Spa, a nice establishment here in our area. And let me tell you, which you know I will: it was simply mahvelous.

Jackie, she with the heavenly hands, was shocked to see me, being that a year had passed between appointments. So for the next hour and half of my aromatherapy massage, she made up for our lost time. My achy feet, my achy back, even my typing-all-day hands–she lovingly beat those things into submission with scented oils. I particularly enjoyed the massaging of the sinus pressure points in my scalp and neck, which tend to give me lots of trouble. It was such sweet relief. As you can see from that last picture above, I was essentially pudding when the whole thing was over. Later, I mused that it shouldn’t take another year to see my Jackie. So:

1. I pledge to get a massage once a month. Even I have to forego my Starbucks green teas to save some money, I will do it. (And we all know the mortgages we take out to purchase anything from Starbucks.)

2. I pledge to make it every other month if the plans in #1 fall by the wayside. Sigh.

3. I pledge to relax. Lord, I need to relax. I hold all the tension in my life–99% of it coming from the Garden of Eden that is my job–in my neck and shoulders and back. So I need to get away from the desk, walk around, breathe. It’s imperative.

That, in several nutshells, was the wonder of my weekend. How was yours?


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