My 20.

Tina Fey 20

So AMEX has this new card geared toward the harried multi-taskers of the wold, aka, moms. I’m not a mom, and I dare not apply for an American Express card (I envision a decline letter coming back with 1,000 LOLs), but I love Tina’s list above of 20 aspects of her life/days as a mom. So here’s are 20 facts and tidbits about me, most of which are a bit more expansive than a typical day in my life. Because you were curious about yours truly, right? Riiiight?

What’s My 20?

  1. I love the number 12. My government name equals 12 letters and that makes me very happy. Don’t ask me why. It just seems so definite, 12. And I love that.
  2. When my sister and I came to this country, we inexplicably thought that African-Americans drank Coke and Caucasians drank Sprite. Imagine the shock when one of our play uncles offered us Sprite. (We drank it, though. And felt rebellious.)
  3. I wrote my first story when I was 12/13. It was about three girls taking a road trip. Because I’m slightly a hoarder, it might still be in my room. Oh, God.
  4. I’m not entirely sure I figured out how to tie my shoelaces.
  5. Or learned how to tell non-digital clock time.
  6. My favorite singer, of all time, of all time, is James Taylor. We will discuss my beloved in a future post.
  7. My first ride on an escalator, at JFK Airport, age 8, was filled with screams, tears, and my parents repeatedly telling me that I wouldn’t be sucked into the moving steps. I still give escalators the side eye. And hold on for dear life.
  8. I’m one of those look-at-the-moving-floors-in-an-elevator people.
  9. But I do enjoy people watching, on an extremely grand scale. Less so in enclosed spaces, though, like the elevator.
  10. Couples fascinate me. Whether happy or not or viciously whispering under their breaths to hide their arguing in public, I get a real creative boon from twosomes. Families, too. Really, the nuances of how people relate to each other is captivating.
  11. I don’t know how to swim, roller skate, ice skate, or do anything that isn’t on good old reliable solid ground.
  12. I once met Michael Buble and nearly fell to my death in his tour bus. He saved me from falling. Good times.
  13. I think African food, arguably, is the best food on planet Earth. Yes, it is.
  14. Somehow, being born the year Grease was released and a year after the release of Saturday Night Fever makes me an eternal fan of John Travolta, the Bee Gees, and disco music.
  15. Speaking of music, I thoroughly love music much older than me. Aside from being a square peg, I’ve been called an old soul more than once.
  16. Need general trivia? Silly, useless facts? Right here.
  17. My parents gifted me with my faith, an enduring love of the arts, storytelling, and comic books. Best gifts ever.
  18. Speaking of family, I have the most hilarious family of all time. We’re missing one, my dear father, but are hopeful for the future.
  19. Best advice from Mom: Always keep your dignity. Whatever happens in life, I try to hold on to that.
  20. This was kinda hard!


The End. What’s your 20?


7 Replies to “My 20.”

  1. I am so doing this. I am, really. But first, I want to address a couple of things.
    6. I love James Taylor, okay? Love. Him. And not just because he and I share a last name. My father and mother loved him, too, so I have so great memories of listening to him with them as a child.
    12. You met Michael Buble? YOU. MET. MICHAEL. BUBLE??? If I didn’t love you so much, I would be insanely jealous and incredibly enraged at you. I love that man, okay? Love him. He is so smooth and so talented and he seems incredibly sweet.
    13. Will you introduce me to African food sometime? Pretty, pretty please??
    18. I really need to meet your family one of these days.
    Okay, moseying over to do my own 20 now…

    1. 6. Someone who loves JT as much as me??? I now know who’s coming with me to his next concert. 🙂 Yes, I grew up loving him, due to my Dad being a huge JT lover and playing his music. I wrote an blog post about my enduring love for him. I’ll send you the link.
      12. Yes, I surely did. Hahaha! Don’t be jealous and enraged when I tell you that not only did he save my life, but he gave me a hug and apologized as I gently chided him for not playing a song I wanted to hear from the first album. 🙂 He was very charming. I need to find the photo we took together…
      13. Yes, ma’am!
      18. Yes, you do. I already know my Mom will LOVE you. 🙂

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