About your Published Author.

Oh, I caught that. You’re published? Yes, indeed. I’d like to happily announce that my second book, a collection of short fiction entitled The Loftiest Thing, has been officially published. *insert primal scream here* Congratulations, you. Wow. You’ve been working on that thing for an eternity, haven’t you? Admittedly, yes, some of the stories have […]

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My Writing

Poetry My latest collection of poetry, Your Elephant, After All, published in May 2019, is available in paperback on Amazon. You can find it here. Oh, and I have an author page on Amazon where all of my works are available. Right here. If you like poems rich in allegory, a bit of humor, plenty of pathos, […]

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Summertime Essentials. (?!)

As expected, the drizzly/rainy/cloudy/depressing 50-degree days of just last week quickly turned into 80-plus degree days in the big city. Our very sad spring went right into cheerful mid-summer. Out came the cute dresses on ladies, the sandals, the much-needed pedicures for toes that appeared to have been trapped in coal mines and were used […]

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About your Author: Round-Up.

Seriously. Why are we doing this? You don’t have a book to promote.  Is that why you think I do this feature? To promote my fiction? What other infernal reason could there be? We’ve talked about plenty of things via this feature. The weather, working out, health. It’s fun. Debatable. Anyway. What’s going on? You got […]

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