Dear reader, the high today in Texas is 47 degrees. Forty-seven degrees. Of course, I can’t get too excited because a few weeks ago, we had a similar high and by Saturday, it was 90 degrees. So there’s that. But when we do have bursts of autumnal weather here and there, I’m quite happy to break out the jackets and tights and turtlenecks and all that. Since we haven’t talked fashion in a while (honestly, we haven’t really talked in a while, you know? Writer/Blogger laziness. I have no viable excuses. I’ll do better. Maybe soon), here’s an update of what I’m wearing today at the office.


Deets, if you’re so inclined:

-Faux leather pencil skirt: ordered from Amazon; for real, I’ve yet to have a bad experience ordering clothes from Amazon
-Turtleneck: your basic turtle; no clue where I purchased it from. Maybe JCPenney?
-Sweater wrap that gives me life: from Ross, of course. Where else?
Boots: Uh, Ross? For real, I’ve owned most of these pieces for so long–with the exception of the gray wrap–that I can’t recall where I got them from. Blame getting older.

Needless to say, when the weather turns colder, I lean towards the grays and the blacks, sometimes without even thinking about it. (Plus, it’s raining and drab and gray and I think my soul wanted to match the weather.) It’s a habit I’m trying to break. But hey: I threw on some maroon tights! That’s color, right? Although you can see them with the length of the skirt and the boots. But I wanted you to see them. So feast your eyes on this professional pose below:


I can’t hear your applause, but thank you. Anyway, I grabbed those tights from JCPenney, I believe. The image may not show it, but they’re also patterned, which is also a favorite when it comes to tights.

On my hair: right? Where’s the fro, you’re wondering? It’s tucked under those fresh crochet braids. Loving this style. I tend to stick to curly crochets when I go with that protective style, but thanks to Pinterest, I decided to try vixen crochet braids and use a kinky straight hair texture. And this hair, y’all. Soft, voluminous, very much giving me the Diana Ross look I’ve wanted since time began.

As far as makeup, the day also seemed to deserve a little smoky eye. Since I generally fail at natural smoky eye, I grabbed this great shadow stick from Sephora fabu5called–what else?–Easy Smoky Eye. Comes in matte and metallic (I chose matte) and different colors (I chose brown and blue); a few strokes on my eyelids and I look like a chanteuse about to purr into a microphone. Stormy weatherrr… 

Shadow sticks are new to me and for the record, Rather than spend more than a few minutes achieving a specific eye look, the sticks help me to easily achieve the look I want. Boom. My lippie, also a Sephora buy, is Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick. Shade: Girl Gang. You need this lippie, by the way. It goes on cream and dries matte, which I adore into infinity. (I’ve never been into shiny lipstick, incidentally.) Anyway, the shade pulsates, y’all. May not translate in the photo, but the plum shade is amazing on these lips.

That’s all she wrote. Simple and fabu for me.

What are your fall fashion favorites so far? Share?